The Voice & The Music

A life-story that changed my world.


An endless passion for music......

In my early days I started my career playing in a Rock ’n’ Roll band in Nottingham gigging around the local pubs and clubs. I also started concentrating on writing songs and always performed one or two of them in front of a live audience with whatever band I was playing with at the time. For me, writing songs is my passion in life, there is nothing like the challenge of starting with a few simple chords, a blank piece of paper and then trying to create something from nothing.

While I still lived in Nottingham, I submitted some of my songs to a program producer at our local radio station, ‘Radio Nottingham’. They liked them and began playing my songs quite regularly on different shows; I became a regular feature every few weeks.

In the meantime, I had to make some money to survive, this wasn’t easy but I managed to get a job with a local show band touring the northern clubs where the work was at the time. This gave me a great opportunity to work with different acts from all over the country, some big names included Tony Christie, Arthur Aski, Paul Daniels and Frank Carson a well known comedian on the club circuit. I learnt so much in those years working alongside other artists, seeing how they perform to an audience, I believe, made me a better musician and entertainer.

Although I really enjoyed what I was doing at that time, it was always at the back of my mind that I wanted to go to London and try my luck with my songs; it wasn’t until a life changing incident finally persuaded me to move to the big city.

It was quite a journey trudging around publishing and recording companies with my songs but I eventually got a recording deal with ‘CBS Records’ for one year, then a two year contract with ‘Your Records’ which belonged to ‘Yorkshire Television’; I was on a roll!! Freddie Starr recorded two of my songs and Stéphane Grappelli, the world famous jazz violinist also recorded one of my songs called ‘Blue River’ played as an instrumental, which is now very popular on YouTube.

At this point I had found myself a manager who persuaded me to take up a solo career as a singer/songwriter. Suddenly, I was working with Mike Reed, Tommy Cooper and touring with Alan Prince, George Fame and Thin Lizzy to name but a few. I also played a gig with Tina Turner at one of the UK’s biggest rock venues. I was in the recording studios in London making albums and playing with top session players, I travelled abroad playing in Germany, Spain and Iceland and I appeared on various television programs up and down the country. I’m still writing songs that are in my view better than ever!


Passion never dies. It grows
stronger every day....